World Wi-Fi Featured in the Sydney Morning Herald

Our revolutionary new app - World Wi-Fi - has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald Tech section. Under the headline - New app lets you see free Wi-Fi through your camera - the writer notes that: "It is the first app of its kind to offer this security setting (VPN), and the AR visualisation, which makes … Continued

Norwood Launches World Wi-Fi

Highlights World Wi-Fi connects users securely to Norwood’s global federated Wi-Fi network of millions of wireless access points, located in every major conurbation around the world, using integrated and sophisticated discoverability, connectivity and security features Discoverability: Leveraging Apple’s latest Augmented Reality interface for Wi-Fi search Connectivity: Bypasses many Wi-Fi login screens automatically, with an easy … Continued

Norwood Launches World Secure

Highlights World Secure is the first VPN App that automatically protects employees against the risks of using insecure Wi-Fi networks for Internet access on their smartphones, in an easy-to-use, simple manner Avoids need for intrusive ‘always-on’ VPNs or for staff to activate VPNs manually on insecure Wi-Fi Enterprise IT administrators can modify World Secure’s policies … Continued

Norwood Partners with Visa ANZ

Norwood’s Offer Landing Page for Visa Cardholders.   ‘Sharing Economy’ and ‘Communications as a Service’ pioneer Norwood Systems Ltd (Norwood or the Company) (ASX: NOR) is pleased provide an update on ongoing Channel Partner initiatives for the Company’s consumer-focused World Phone communications product. Following the launch of a customised World Phone bundle for RAC Travel … Continued

Norwood Investor Q&A Event

Recorded November 9, 2017.   Watch the Norwood Q&A Webinar event hosted by CEO and Founder, Paul Ostergaard. In this live recording, Paul provides a brief of Norwood's technology and business developments, followed by an Investor Q&A session. Back to our News Portal

48 Hours to MiFID II Mobile Compliance

Yes, it’s reality. Meeting MiFID II mobility voice recording rules need not take months.   With MiFID II around the corner, one major compliance hurdle surrounds the capture and archival of all mobile communications. This is a daunting task if you look under the covers, especially when you see what technology is actually out there … Continued

Norwood Invites Applications for Worldwide Beta Testing of World Wi-Fi

A real map view of the Wi-Fi hotspots available in Singapore, visible in the World Wi-Fi App.   Highlights Norwood is now commencing public beta testing of its consumer-focused World Wi-Fi App World Wi-Fi addresses the three core Wi-Fi usage issues of discoverability, connectability and security Norwood is now inviting applications from persons interested in … Continued

Norwood Systems receives National iAward for Corona Compliance in Business Service Markets

CEO, Paul Ostergaard (Right) and GM of Enterprise, Steve Tot (Left) at the iAwards 2017 in Melbourne.   Norward Systems (ASX:NOR) is pleased to announce it is the winner of a National iAward 2017 in the Business Service Markets category for its revolutionary regulatory compliance platform, Corona Compliance. Organisations in Finance, Healthcare and Government sectors … Continued

Norwood Prepares Public Beta Launch for World Wi-Fi

Highlights Public Beta Launch of World Wi-Fi to commence in the first week of September 2017 Full World Wi-Fi release planned for late September 2017, following the expected release of Apple’siOS 11 operating system World Wi-Fi will deliver globally discoverable, simple-to-connect and secure Wi-Fi access World Wi-Fi addresses the three core Wi-Fi usage issues of … Continued

Norwood Systems receives WAITTA INCITE award for Most Effective eBusiness Solution

Highlights Norwood System's Corona Compliance Management Solution receives the WAITTA award for Most Effective eBusiness Solution.   Norward Systems (ASX:NOR) is pleased to announce it is the winner of the WAITTA Incite award for the Most Effective EBusiness eBusiness Solution for the Company’s Corona Compliance Management service. This marks their fifth WAITTA Incite Award in … Continued