Changing the Way we Globally Connect

At Norwood Systems, we’re passionate about revolutionising your telecommunications. To actualise this goal, we have developed amazing platforms that realise the world’s largest federated telco network. By connecting your smartphone effortlessly and simply to local networks around the world via our award-winning Apps, you get high-quality connections, clear and secure conversations for a fraction of international roaming costs.

About Norwood Systems

Norwood Systems provides voice, messaging and data services to consumers, enterprises and carriers globally, leveraging its’ federated telecommunications services network partnerships. Our mission is to deliver disruptive end-user communications apps that streamline and simplify how users around the world can access affordable, high-quality telecommunications services – anywhere, anytime.

Norwood has solutions that service Telco, Enterprise and Partner channels.

Norwood Systems’ innovative Telco Solution addresses all three categories of telecommunication provider. Major carriers, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and Data-only providers. World Voicemail for Telco’s is our established offering to the industry, having signed a New Zealand’s Spark within months of launch.

Our Enterprise Solutions delivers the powerful, yet simple corporate communications platform to make communications more cost-effective, easier to manage, and regulatory compliant. This is all made possible by Corona® Cloud, with its suite of mobility Apps.

Finally, our Partner Solutions are designed for the forward-looking, customer-driven Travel and Loyalty partner, providing an easy way to invigorate brand offerings with App based benefits.

Norwood Systems listed on the ASX in June 2015 and trades with the stock ticker NOR.

The Future

Not content to rest on their laurels, the team at Norwood have been working hard to on our most successful product yet – World Voicemail.

World Voicemail makes your voicemail experience as easy as it should be and makes the old ‘dial-up’ approach to check your voicemails completely obsolete. With World Voicemail, you can read or listen, and visually navigate through your voicemails. The App is already a huge hit with consumers with a lot more success yet to come.

World Voicemail for Telecommunication Providers enables them to deliver differentiated end-user experiences, increase call completions and improve customer satisfaction. Providers can further drive subscriber engagement using Norwood’s proprietary Engagement API that leverages World Voicemail as a tool to re-engage with their customers. Having partnered with New Zealand’s leading telecommunication provider, Spark, within months of launch, the solution has established itself as our flagship product.

Patents Held

  • Method and device for configuring a communication system – Australia 2012283687
  • Determining Effects on Communication Signals – Australia 2013202735
  • Method, device and system for determining topology of a wireless communication network – Australia 2012283686
  • Communications – Australia 2012248121

A number of other patent applications relating to aspects of Norwood’s products and services have also been filed.

Awards & Recognition