About Norwood Systems

Changing the way we connect

Norwood Systems builds innovative cognitive, voice, messaging and data services for carriers, consumers, and enterprises globally.

Our mission is to deliver disruptive end-user communication applications that streamline and simplify access to intuitive, powerful, and affordable telecommunications services – anywhere, anytime.

Norwood’s innovative solutions for telecommunication providers come in two shapes. Our latest platform brings a revolution in Cognitive Voice services. The platform shapes assistants to serve a virtually unlimited number of use cases and brings with it seamless convenience to let you focus on your value.

Norwood’s. Visual Voicemail for Telcos is our established offering to the industry, having signed New Zealand’s Spark within months of launch.

Our enterprise solutions deliver powerful and simple corporate communication services to make communications more cost-effective, easier to manage, and regulatory compliant. This is all made possible by SecondLine, and its suite of mobility Apps.

Norwood Systems is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the stock symbol NOR.

Patents Held

  • Method and device for configuring a communication system – Australia 2012283687
  • Determining Effects on Communication Signals – Australia 2013202735
  • Method, device and system for determining the topology of a wireless communication network – Australia 2012283686
  • Communications – Australia 2012248121

A number of other patent applications relating to aspects of Norwood’s products and services have also been filed.

Awards & Recognition