Norwood Launches World Secure


  • World Secure is the first VPN App that automatically protects employees against the risks of using insecure Wi-Fi networks for Internet access on their smartphones, in an easy-to-use, simple manner
  • Avoids need for intrusive ‘always-on’ VPNs or for staff to activate VPNs manually on insecure Wi-Fi
  • Enterprise IT administrators can modify World Secure’s policies for employee smartphone Wi-Fi usage in real-time, ratcheting up VPN security policies immediately in response to any new or emerging security threat to secured Wi-Fi, such as the recent well-publicised “Krack” exploit
  • World Secure fits into Norwood’s Corona overall service platform, enabling a superior and far more secure mobile Internet experience for both organisations and their employees
  • World Secure and its associated enterprise management interfaces are positioned to address the strongly growing global market for VPN security services, currently valued at more than $50 billion

“Virtual Mobile Communications as a Service” pioneer Norwood Systems Ltd (“Norwood” or the “Company”) (ASX: NOR) is pleased to announce that the Company’s new cyber security platform, World Secure, is now released on the Apple iOS App Store.

World Secure is a revolutionary automated VPN security tool that enables employees in information-sensitive industries to automatically Secure-and-Forget™ their smartphones’ wireless data network traffic, in particular when accessing potentially insecure external Wi-Fi networks. World Secure also lets organisations easily adjust staff members’ VPN security profiles on the fly in response to evolving cyber-security threats.

Uniquely, World Secure secures employees’ smartphone Internet sessions automatically when they are connected to public, insecure Wi-Fi networks, or in response to the organisation’s real-time policy for newly discovered threats to secured Wi-Fi.

Policy Settings
World Secure’s policy settings can be adjusted in real-time by IT Administrators in response to new threats

World Secure, with World Phone and World Message, is integrated with Corona, Norwood’s powerful virtual mobile services platform. World Secure can be deployed using one of 21 leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms “out of the box”, leveraging the Company’s growing expertise with MDM platforms.

Corona enables organisations to provision World App virtual mobile services and virtual mobile IDs en bloc to large numbers of employees’ smartphones, seamlessly and effortlessly. Corona delivers a unique and compelling “bring your own device” (BYOD) enterprise mobility solution that keeps work calls and messages separate from personal use, even on a single mobile handset.

Connectivity, Knowledge, Intelligence
Norwood’s “Connectivity, Knowledge, Intelligence” Strategy Framework

Corona also enables organisations to address their unsolved legal and regulatory compliance issues for smartphone archival compliance (particularly in BYOD contexts), and CRM smartphone interaction information capture. Corona delivers a unique and compelling “bring your own device” (BYOD) enterprise mobility solution that keeps work calls and messages completely separate from personal use, even on a single mobile handset.

Norwood acknowledges that it has experienced unusual delays outside of its control in receiving approval for the release of World Secure. Norwood is pleased that these delays have now been addressed, and the current expectation is that other pending App Store submissions will proceed in a more timely basis.

World Secure App support for Android devices will follow very shortly this current quarter.

Norwood’s Managing Director, CEO and Founder, Paul Ostergaard, said:

“World Secure is a truly innovative platform that many of our potential customers have been asking for in our sales discussions. The recent KRACK attack on Wi-Fi networks that were previously thought secure demonstrated how quickly potential threats can emerge, and it highlighted to the market a strong need for a rapid response solution to secure employee smartphones’ Wi-Fi usage, especially when away from the office. The World Secure platform enables Enterprise IT administrators to ratchet up mobile security settings on demand, allowing them to respond to new threats in real-time, in a way that does not unduly interfere with ongoing corporate or personal use of staff members’ smartphones. We are hopeful that World Secure will be a great catalyst on our sales efforts both on a standalone basis and as part of wider Corona service offering for enterprises.”


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