Article: Norwood connects across the ditch

Check out Norwood Systems in the Business News WA. In this article, Norwood CEO, Paul Ostergaard, talks about our new partnership with New Zealand telco, Spark, to provide their customers with a Spark flavoured World Voicemail app. Read more (paywalled article)

Norwood & the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Norwood’s GDPR commitment GDPR is an opportunity to build a stronger data protection foundation for the benefit of all. Norwood is committed to ensuring that our platform is GDPR-compliant.   What we’re doing We have a data protection core team comprised of our senior management, dedicated to ensuring that Norwood is GDPR-compliant. We’ve updated our … Continued

MDM now powers rapid enterprise deployment of the World Apps

Large-scale deployments of any application to your workforce can be a challenge. A considerable amount of effort is required to coordinate even a small team of 10 to download and configure an app. Now imagine the huge task of setting up an entire workforce of hundreds or thousands. With Norwood’s new Direct MDM App Provisioning … Continued

World Wi-Fi Featured in the Sydney Morning Herald

Our revolutionary new app - World Wi-Fi - has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald Tech section. Under the headline - New app lets you see free Wi-Fi through your camera - the writer notes that: "It is the first app of its kind to offer this security setting (VPN), and the AR visualisation, which makes … Continued

4 Disruptive Mobile Trends Changing the Way You do Business

"Telecoms is changing dramatically, and the promise of big savings for businesses is on the horizon. But that horizon is still a long way off. What can businesses do to reduce telecoms costs right now?" Have you looked at your company’s telecoms bill lately? If you do, you’ll probably find that it is not radically … Continued