World Wi-Fi Maps View
World Wi-Fi Augmented Reality View


Quickly find local hotspots quickly using Map View. When you’re close, just tilt your phone up to switch to AR view. Playing hide-and-seek with Wi-Fi is over.

World Wi-Fi Connect


When you’re next to a hotspot, you’ll receive an instant prompt. No need to fill forms. World Wi-Fi takes care of it all. 2-clicks and you’re connected!

World Wi-Fi Secure


Most open Wi-Fi hotspots are unprotected and this puts your data at risk. World Wi-Fi protects you with an enterprise-grade VPN*. Your data is now encrypted and privacy protected.

* The App will not connect via VPN if prohibited by local laws.

One more thing

Offline Maps
Find your way back online with lightweight offline maps before your travels.


Finding Wi-Fi has never been this safe and easy. Download now.