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For the first time on the App Store, you can discreetly read automatic transcripts of your voicemail. Want to listen to them? That’s easy, just press play.

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Browse and access your voicemail in any order. Just a voicemail to read, listen and more.

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Artificial intelligence in World Voicemail powers useful and innovative new features that help you:

Avoid Spam

World Voicemail automatically detects suspected spam voicemails for you to confirm its status. Keep your voicemail inbox neat with spam marking controls and an in-app Spam folder.

Know what’s urgent

Don’t miss an opportunity to be important! World Voicemail alerts you to urgent voicemails so you can give it needed attention.

Voicemail in your inbox

Add up to two email addresses to receive your voicemails right in your inbox. But why two email addresses, you ask?


Be more Responsive

Here’s a quick tip: You can send voicemails with email forwarding to your assistant or team to respond on your behalf! Don’t worry; you can filter out calls from personal contacts.


Forgot what Mum asked to bring to dinner? Just search for it!

Missed Calls

An optional feature – view your missed calls and quickly call or message back.

Personalised Greeting

Record a new greeting in 30 seconds. Change it every season, change it when you’re on holiday.

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