“The faster you can address any cyber-threat, the safer you make your organisation”

– Paul Ostergaard, Norwood Systems CEO


Internal Risk Awareness

Staff often connect to insecure data networks such as open Wi-Fi. They are unaware of the risks. Existing solutions need manual user intervention and thus have poor staff compliance.

Most VPNs are Limited

Many current corporate VPN solutions were designed for the pre-mobile, pre-cloud age. They cannot adapt to the way your employees now wish to access company data.

Slow Cyber-Defense

Up to 60% of your team’s communication could be on mobile devices. In the case of a Wi-Fi security threat, organisations find it hard to react and secure their network.

World Secure - Switcher


Protect your Team when Mobile

Automatically activate a secure VPN whenever a mobile device accesses the internet and triggers specific security policies.

The Latest Security Standards

Use state-of-the-art IKE v2 and IPSEC VPN tunnel protocols to deliver optimal security across the globe.*

On-demand, Policy-driven Security

Activate when needed, according to corporate policies in force. Managed and deployed through your corporate MDM/EMM platform.

Protect Staff Privacy

Automatic VPN Protection to guard against the interception of critical personal data when surfing an open Wi-Fi access points.

* Please note that use VPN services are limited or prohibited in certain jurisdictions. Please ensure you always follow local laws and regulations.

Respond to Cyber-threats Quickly

Set-and-forget. Seamless security can now be achieved enterprise-wide at the speed of light. Take instant control of personal and corporate security policy with a VPN and IKEv2 encryption.

World Secure is ‘always-alert’. The App automatically initiates a secure connection so every Wi-Fi session is protected – without the user noticing any difference. No employee training required.

One more thing – In the case of increased security threat, the CIO Group can rapidly respond with a central security policy. MDM-assisted VPN control overrides personal settings to protect your entire organisation in a few clicks.

World Secure Selector

Security Threat: Low
Users “set and forget” their own VPN policy.

World Secure Selector - Corporate Override

Security Threat: High
CIO Group takes temporary VPN policy control. Enterprise update is instant.

World Secure

The policy-driven, automated mobile VPN client for your entire enterprise. Deployed quickly. Set and forget.

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