Reduction in Churn
 Shift in Off-Peak Hours
Rise in Data Revenue

Delight your customers with Visual Voicemail

Typically, we access voicemail by manually dialling tones. With World Voicemail, voicemail becomes an easy and convenient tool that your customers will love.

Browse through voicemails in any order

Messages are beautifully laid out for quick access. Just tap one to view and listen.

A new direct communication channel opportunity

Combine a variety of news, alert and promotional channels to drive customer engagement KPIs.

Tailor the experience

World Voicemail can be tailored for your audience to match your brand and their preferences.

Read or listen to voicemails

Reading your voicemail is amazing to start. The App also supports Multi-Language transcription to suit your audience.

More Control

Voicemail now has more control. Replay, call back, delete and share messages quickly. Convenience is here.

Features that make loyal customers

Create a simple user experience that creates user ‘stickiness’ and reduces churn.

Revolutionary Text-Searchable Voicemail 

Seamless and useful, searching voicemail by keyword is a new feature no one wants to lose.

Available on iOS and Android

Covering over 96% of smartphone users, you can put the App in the hands of millions.

Free Ebook

Rethink Voicemail

How can you create a profitable, differentiated service that other carriers can’t quickly imitate?

Find out how better voicemail makes for better business

Curious about our options or how easy it is to deploy World Voicemail to your customers? 

See how World Voicemail works

Boost your Customer Experience KPIs

  • Increase call completions

    Networks have 60-70% ‘slam-down’ on unconnected calls

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Voicemail power-users will love World Voicemail

  • Increase engagement

    Thanks to our thought out App design and SDK potential integration

  • Increase acceptance to promos

    With less obtrusive signalling

  • Improve the overall user experience

    Handling missed inbound calls is a big opportunity

  • Differentiate your services

    Innovate independently from existing network and constraints