Tied one SIM & Number

It’s hard to conveniently separate our business and personal lives. If you need multiple numbers, you need multiple phones.

Giving away our Privacy

If we’re not using a second device, we share our personal number, giving away our privacy.

Costs you Time and Money

Managing multiple phones for staff is expensive – both in terms of the cost to buy new phones, and the time spent managing the new fleet.


SecondLine isn’t a single App.

It’s two Apps that together make life easier.

World Phone
Talk with World Phone®
  • Use your second phone number(s) to make and receive crystal clear calls
  • International calls are a fraction of the cost
  • Visual voicemail with transcription changes the way you think of voicemail
SMS & IM with World Message
  • Send and receive SMS messages and instant messages using your second phone number(s)
  • Cost effective International SMS
  • Share rich media like photos, contacts and locations

No switching between devices

You can do almost anything on your phone, so why should you have to switch between devices for work and play? With just one phone, SecondLine lets you call and text from as many numbers as you need. Goodbye, juggling phones. Hello, convenient communication.

Reduce Mobile Costs

Buying business phones for staff is an expensive exercise when what you really want is a business phone number. With SecondLine, you can issue company numbers instead of company phones, these numbers are owned and managed by you.

Keep private and work lives separate

Because you hold different numbers, SecondLine keeps your business and personal communications separate, this means your private information is never captured or recorded.

Enquire about SecondLine now

Find out how SecondLine than make managing your personas and communication more convenient, and protecting your privacy easy.