Revitalising ‘Voice as a Service’

CogVoice™ by Norwood Systems offers a revolutionary new Cognitive Voice Services Platform with unique Benefits.

A Revolutionary new AI Voice Platform

Breakthrough Voice Dialog Performance

For Mass Adoption & Scale

CogVoice powers differentiated, valuable voice applications

These three game-changing use cases just scratch the surface of what’s possible with the CogVoice.

Intelligent spam screening

Spam and Robo-callers are annoying and waste our valuable time. CogVoice screens unanswered incoming calls to filter our spam callers from the real ones.

Assistance while you’re busy

Sole traders, small businesses and individuals alike are often too busy to attend phone calls. CogVoice handles incoming calls like a personal assistant to route calls, take messages and arrange appointments so you can focus on your work.


CogVoice apps can be deployed to serve thousands or millions of end-users and scale to attend calls as required.


The future of 5G inbound call completion – CogVoice leverages the speeds of 5G to deliver low-latency conversations.

Easy-to-Use App

Setup is as easy as downloading and configuring an app. View and manage all of your conversations in one place.

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