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Using Multiple Numbers

One of World Message’s unique features is the ability to have multiple phone numbers to use through the App. They can be local numbers (Virtual ID) or international numbers (World ID).

Depending on availability, you can lease numbers from 70+ countries. Use them for business, projects, travel, or to advertise online!

Get a Virtual ID or World ID

To get a new phone number.

In iOS –  Navigate to the Sender ID, Virtual ID, or World ID menus from the Settings menu in the App.

In Android – Navigate to the Phone Numbers menu in Manage my account, under Settings.

It’s easy to navigate and find a number of your choice.

Some tips in understanding the number menu:

Number: The phone number available for lease.

Available services: Seeing both a World Phone and World Message icon means that you can use the phone number across both Apps – use it to call or text message!

Inbound tariff: The rate you pay per minute of an incoming call – billed per second. This uses your World Credit.

Monthly fee: The fee to lease the number on a monthly basis. This uses your World Credit.

Switch between IDs

To switch between phone numbers, navigate to Sender ID menu from Settings. Select the number you want to call from and hit ‘Set…


Rename Leased IDs

You can easily label a phone number that you have leased. Simply click on the phone number from the Virtual ID or World ID menus and give it a new name.

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