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Messages, Numbers and Coverage

If you have access you the Internet then you can use World Message.

World Message is automatically set-up when you download the App and install it. World Credit is available immediately on purchase through iTunes. Most numbers are available immediately (a few require extra ID checks – we will let you know).

You can rent the same number on a month to month basis.

Yes, you can rent as many numbers as you like.

Yes. Local numbers that you have rented are specific to that country. If you visit a new country and you want to use a local number in World Message, you have to rent one for the new country. Numbers you have rented will work no matter which country you are in, just so long as you are connected to the Internet.

Inside the app, under settings/manage my account, we have provided “share” buttons that will include your new number in the message. The share button will generate a custom message for SMS, Email, Facebook posts, LinkedIn and more.

In World Message, your mobile number is the default number displayed, but you can choose to display any local number that you have purchased.

Yes, users who have World Message installed on their devices can message other World Message users free of charge. If a World Message user messages any other number that is not registered with World Message, the user sending the message will be charged for that message.

Correct. If you would like to receive international messages, it may be more cost effective to lease a World Message number. Your contacts can reach you on that leased number. As standard, the World Message service works through the internet so it is free.

Usually when you receive a message you can see the number of the sender, or the name if it is a person already in your contacts.

In the World Message App, to go to Settings > Sender ID.

You will receive a notification 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour before your leased number expires.

To renew your Virtual ID, navigate to Settings > Virtual ID > Details of the number that needs to be renewed. Select ‘Renew subscription’ and follow the prompts.

To renew your World ID, navigate to Settings > World ID > Details of the number that needs to be renewed. Select ‘Renew subscription’ and follow the prompts.

To set your leased number as your Sender ID, go to Settings >Sender ID and click on your leased number to set a sending ID. You can switchSender IDs at any time.

If a country is not listed when choosing from the list of global numbers within the app then, to proceed further, the following is required from the person wishing to lease the number.

  • Current [insert country name] address (address must be from the same area in [insert country name] as the number requested)
  • Proof of address (utility bill copy – not older than 6 months)
  • Passport or ID/Drivers license copy
  • Name, business name and contact phone numbers

NOTE: If registration/purchase is done under a company name, the company registration certificate shall be provided instead of passport or ID copy.o We will then process your request with the relevant authorities.

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