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World Message brings together International SMS and Instant Messaging in a familiar and easy to use format, giving you effortless and low-cost connections via text to anyone around the world. Send and receive SMS from a leased or company provided phone number through our Enterprise platform, Corona® Cloud.

World Message, works over the internet to also give you access to thousands of local telephone numbers in over 90 countries that you can rent on your iOS device.

World Message is designed to be simple and familiar, with low-cost international SMS and free App-to-App messaging.

World Message also lets you lease a virtual phone number from 90+ countries.

The addition of World Message to Norwood’s suite of mobility Apps also completes our virtual mobility solution for Enterprise. Companies can now enjoy the benefits of real BYOD, in a cost-effective and incedibly SaaS solution. Click here to learn more about our Enterprise offerings.

After installing World Message, enter your mobile number and a moment later you will receive an SMS with a code. Enter the code into World Message and that completes the set-up process.

Now every-time your device is turned on, World Message launches itself in the background and connects with our network, selecting the best possible access point to the international telephone network.

If you have rented a local number, our platform will decide on the best way to connect calls from that number to your location – even if you are in a different country.

World Message is free to download. In-app purchases are available for World Credit and phone numbers.

We can charge less for calls because we do not need to have a contract with every mobile network in the world. We use the public internet for short VoiP hops, which is free, and then we use the PSTN which is so competitive that rates are very low.

World Message allows you to use a local number on your phone, even when you have a roaming SIM card installed. This is a significant benefit. You can make high quality calls whenever you have a good quality internet connection – and this works in some places where visited mobile networks do not work well! You can avoid having to carry around two phones.

World Message will initially only be available in English, with many languages to be released in future updates.

World Message is free to download. In-app purchases are available for World Credit and phone numbers.

Yes, World Message connects users to our network through the internet. You can use either WiFi or cellular data.

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