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Financial Services Providers

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations regarding communications record-keeping are increasing for financial services firms. Many of these regulations now apply not just to fixed-line communications like email and office phone calls, but to mobile communications too.

Addressing such regulations is complicated by the international nature of many firms’ cell phone fleets (not all on one network or in one country), and by the increasing use of BYOD policies within finance firms.

How will your firm comply with increasing regulatory requirements to record calls from the cell phones of workers across multiple countries, some of whom may be using employee-owned smartphones?


MiFID II applies to all financial services firms that trade in, or with, the European Union, or that provide financial advice in, or with, the European Union, including firms and traders based outside of the EU.

MiFID II Article 16(7) requires an investment firm to:

“…take all reasonable steps to record relevant telephone conversations and electronic communications, made with, sent from or received by equipment provided by the investment firm to an employee or contractor or the use of which by an employee or contractor has been accepted or permitted by the investment firm.”

Norwood’s Financial Services solution fully meets the MiFID II requirements by providing the World Phone® calling app and the Corona Cloud™ telephony, recording and archival system.

World Phone® is a smartphone app which puts a second phone on a smartphone, independent of the SIM card and underlying cell carrier. World Phone® comes with its own number, calling and receiving just like any normal smartphone call. All World Phone® calls are carried via Norwood’s cloud telephony system, Corona™, which handles call completion as well as recording all voice calls in the cloud and providing metadata in the form of call detail records.

World Phone® is a mature and proven technology, with over five million users around the world.

Better, Easier, Compliance

Norwood’s Financial Services solution provides some important benefits:

  1. Compliant: Makes your cell phone operations fully compliant with mobile recording and archiving regulations;
  2. Removes schedule risk: Fast deployment in days (not months) with no integration dependencies;
  3. Network- and country-independent: Works across all cellular carriers: all networks, in all countries, even when roaming;
  4. Covers BYOD too: Seamless operation on both company-owned and employee-owned devices;
  5. Secure & Reliable: Recordings are made in the cloud, not on the handset, for more secure and reliable records; and
  6. Compatible with existing systems: Can provide recordings and metadata into your existing recording and archiving systems if preferred.

Healthcare Providers

Good Corporate Governance

Our Corona solution will enhance and improve your Corporate Governance on three major fronts:

  1. Real-time visibility and control of mobile business communications
    • Monitor all mobile business communications on the real-time console, globally; enable and disable users instantly, and automatically and instantly retrieve the phone numbers of departing personnel.
  2. Providing staff with the most efficient mobile communication solution
    • No more carrying two phones. Your staff can use one device that suits them best, regardless of whether it is company-owned or employee-owned. All business calls are fully recorded and archived, right from their device of choice.
  3. Protecting employee privacy
    • No private data or private communications are tracked or recorded.

Corona® for Finance

Corona® Cloud is the regulation compliant and easy-to-use BYOD solution for Enterprises of any size. Click the button below and learn more.

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