CogVoice AI drives high-value CSP service offerings

CogVoice delivers unparalleled, cost-effective AI assistants to enable ground-breaking use cases – tailored specifically for Communications Service Provider voice networks.

Natural Conversations with AI

CogVoice leverages AI to deliver exceptional natural language conversations and responsiveness, making AI voice-led conversations with customers and callers effortless and effective.

Handles Complex Conversations

Leveraging Norwood’s patent-pending Elastic Intent technology, CogVoice significantly improves the performance of chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service platforms.

CogVoice efficiently manages multi-turn conversations by predicting user intent and providing relevant responses, resulting in accurate and personalised interactions.

Differentiate & Monetize

CogVoice applications drive further monetization of CSP voice networks with differentiated high-value voice engagement applications.

Scalable for CSPs

Designed for mass adoption and scale, CogVoice is low-cost, hyper-scalable & 4G/5G compatible, supporting high-volume operator use cases.

Improved CX

The CogVoice platform enables CSPs to create their own differentiated services to improve customer engagement.

Powered by CogVoice

Call Screener™

The Call Screener assistant speaks to unknown callers to filter our spam, scam and robocalls. Protecting your customers from wasted time and lost assets.

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