Empower and Protect Your Subscribers with Call Screener

Introducing CogVoice™ Call Screener, the ultimate AI-driven call management solution designed to empower and protect your subscribers.


Elevate Your Call Experience with AI

Call Screener ensures smooth, intent-driven dialogues for effortless communication, making every call a delight for your subscribers.

Real-Time Control for Enhanced Communication

Allow subscribers to view conversations on their devices and join calls in real time, granting them full control over their communication experience.

Safeguard Your Subscribers from Scams & Spam

Spam calls, a global issue for telcos, resulted in 31.3 billion calls worldwide from January to October 2020 and caused significant losses. US consumers alone lost $29.8 billion to scams in 2020.

Make subscriber security your top priority with Call Screener’s advanced features designed to combat spam and scam calls:

Proactive AI-Powered Call Screening

Harness the power of AI to swiftly screen spam and potentially fraudulent calls, offering real-time protection and peace of mind to your subscribers.

Unmatched Subscriber Safety

Deliver secure communication through our in-call security layer, filtering out scams and spam to maintain the integrity of your network

Eliminate Unwanted Calls

Empower users to take control with the ability to mute and auto-redirect calls from identified spammers or scammers to an in-app Spam folder.


CogVoice Call Screener on AWS Marketplace is deployable for thousands or millions of users, scaling to handle as much traffic as desired.

4G/5G Compatible

CogVoice leverages the speeds of 4G/5G to deliver low-latency conversations.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy on AWS, integrate with our API, or launch using a Norwood white-labelled app.

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