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We want your experience on Corona and World Phone® to be memorable. We want you to hit the ground running. So to do that and to help you get the understanding and use out of our revolutionary App we prepared a list of common questions and fully answered them.
If you don’t ask, you don’t know. So here’s our user friendly list. Still have some questions of your own to ask? Then use the email form on our Contact us page.

Overview & Getting Started

It’s a mobile app that connect you over a short distance on the public Internet to  high quality, low cost international telephone network, and give you access to thousands of local telephone numbers in over 70 countries that you can rent – on your Android or iPhone handset.
Low cost international calls compared to most GSM roaming costs. Excellent quality audio Works with or without a SIM card (but needs Wi-Fi) Set up a local number that allows you to be local, even when you are not Very simple to use thanks to a high quality, familiar looking interface that makes it intuitive to use. No need to remember passwords, account names, access codes or settings. Secure and familiar in-app purchase with Apple iTunes or Google Play.
After installing World Phone® you enter your mobile number and moment later you will receive an SMS with a code. Enter the code into World Phone® that completes the set-up process. Now every-time the iPhone is turned on, World Phone® launches itself in the background and connects with our network, selecting the best possible access point to the international telephone network. If the call button is still green, it means that a good quality connection is not available, or the App is still looking for one. As soon as a good quality connection is set-up the call button turns blue. If you have rented a local number, our platform will decide on the best way to connect calls from that number to your location – even if you are in a different country.
World Phone® is free to download. In-app purchases are available for World Credit and phone numbers.
We can charge less for calls because we do not need to have a contract with every mobile network in the world. We use the public internet for short VoiP hops, which is free, and then we use the PSTN which is so competitive that rates are very low. World Phone® allows you to use a local number on your phone, even when you have a roaming SIM card installed. This is is a significant benefit. You can make high quality calls whenever you have a good quality connection to the Internet – and this works in some places where visited mobile networks do not work well! You can avoid having to carry around two phones.
No. We recommend that Emergency calls are made using your standard “Phone” app. 
Not at the moment. Messaging is on our product development roadmap.
We offer full support for a range of languages – including English, major European languages, Arabic, Simplified Chinese etc.

Device Requirements – iOS

Yes – Apple make it a requirement for Apps to work on all iOS devices registered to the same Apple ID.
Yes. World Phone® syncs contacts from your native phone contacts list.
No. There is no need to enter a username or password to open the App or to make and receive a call. When you purchase minutes or numbers, you will need to enter your Apple ID password. If the iPhone is locked when it receives a World Phone® or Work Phone call, you must enter the unlock code for the iPhone before you can answer the call.
Yes. The volume slider is found in setting / sounds / ringer volume.
We offer 8 ring tones for you to choose from. We don’t yet have a feature that allows you to assign a different ring tone to specific numbers.
You can restore the App itself from iTunes, but you will lose any credits you have purchased. Any contacts created in World Phone® are automatically created in your iPhone contacts. If you have rented a number please email support@norwoodsystems.com as soon as possible.
World Phone® requires about 52 MB.
You can restore the App itself from iTunes to a new or repaired iPhone, but you will lose any credits you have purchased. Any contacts created in World Phone® are automatically created in your iPhone contacts. Life is a lot easier if you make regular backups of your iPhone. If you have rented a number please email support@norwoodsystems.com as soon as possible.
You can ask your Mobile Network to unlock your iPhone – usually this just requires a code to be entered and maybe incurs a small fee. This will allow you to use a local SIM card when travelling. Try to set-up a roaming data package, so you have access to low cost data when roaming and then you can make low cost international calls with World Phone®. Turn off data roaming, and make calls with World Phone® whenever you can access Wi-Fi. World Phone® is not connected to the SIM card, so long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can make and receive calls. Using a local SIM card does have advantages – usually you get better Wi-Fi for less cost – so before you travel, ask your Mobile Network Operator if they can unlock your phone. There might be a fee to pay for unlocking, but free unlocks are becoming increasing common. Not sure if your phone is SIM locked – borrow a SIM card from another Network – and put it into your phone. If it lets you make a call then you are already good to go!

Phone Calls & Coverage

If you have access you the Internet then you can use World Phone®
World Phone® is automatically set-up when you download the App and install it. World Credit is available immediately on purchase through iTunes or Google Play (in App). Most numbers are available immediately (a few require extra ID checks – we will let you know). 
Yes. 4G is usually excellent. 3G can be very good. 2G does not have the bandwidth to support high quality audio calls over mobile data. Wi-Fi varies considerably from place to place and from time to time. If sufficient bandwidth is not available for a good quality call, the CALL button will not change from green to blue.
World Phone® users buy World Credit to spend on calling via an in-app purchase. When you rent a local number the call charges are displayed in the app. A detailed list of call charges can be obtained from support@norwoodsystems.com
World Phone® users accept our Terms & Conditions when installing the App. These can also be found in settings\legal, along with our Fair Use policy. There is no “minimum contract length” or anything else like that. You can stop using the App whenever you want, although credit minutes remaining will not be refunded.
You can rent the same number on a month to month basis.
Yes, you can rent as many numbers as you like.
Yes. Local numbers that you have rented are specific to that country. If you visit a new country and you want to use a local number in World Phone®, you have to rent one for the new country. Numbers you have rented will work no matter which country you are in, just so long as you are connected to the Internet.
Inside the app, under settings/manage my account, we have provided “share” buttons that will include your new number in the message. The share button will generate a custom message for SMS, Email, Facebook posts, LinkedIn and more.
In World Phone®, your mobile number is the default number displayed, but you can choose to display any local number that you have purchased. 
No, not using the App.
Usually when you receive a call you can see the number calling you, or the name if it is a person already in your contacts. However, sometimes when the Caller ID is withheld, this is a function of the telephone network and is not a limitation in the App. 

Accounts & Billing

World Phone® displays your World Credit balance at the top of the dial-pad screen and under My Account. 
World Phone® users can manage their accounts from inside the App.
World Phone® users purchase World Credit and numbers in advance (pre-pay) via their Apple iTunes or Google Play account.
The App is free to download.
World Phone® is prepaid so this does not apply, except under our Fair Use policy.
World Phone® displays your World Credit balance at the top of the dial-pad screen and under My Account. 
Yes, call charges will include taxes if applicable.

Information & Privacy

Yes. You can view our Privacy Policy on our website on in the App under settings/Legal/Privacy Policy.
All we require is a valid mobile phone number. Downloads and in-app purchases are managed by iTunes or Google Play.
Yes. This is normal for billing purposes.
Simply delete the App from your devices. 

Support & Troubleshooting

Losing a phone can be a traumatic and emotionally disturbing event. Phone loss trauma can be minimised if you get into the habit of regularly backing up your data and settings, using a screen lock PIN and we recommend travel insurance. 
We provide support through an email system and the first place to reach out for help is support@norwoodsystems.com

If you require any further assistance from us, touch base via our contact forms or please call. Talk Soon.