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Get Started

Download World Voicemail

Get started by downloading the World Voicemail onto your iOS or Android device.

Please note: To use World Voicemail, your mobile phone service provider must support ‘Conditional Call Diversion’. To test whether your provider supports this feature, please call **004*+61870787504*11#. If you’re in New Zealand, please call **004*+6468800486*11#. After using this test number, please call this number to cancel: ##004*11#.

Activate World Voicemail

Once downloaded, there are a few steps to start using the App.

  1. As a first time user, you get a FREE 14-day trial. Simply click the button at the bottom of the welcome screen to start.
  2. Provide your mobile number so we can send you a verification code to use the App.
  3. Accept all permission prompts that may appear during this process

Divert your voicemails to World Voicemail

To use World Voicemail as your primary voicemail App, you need to first direct your voicemails to the App.

You can do this in 30 seconds:

  1. From the Apps main screen, select Settings on the top right and choose Diverted from.
  2. Simply select Enable World Voicemail and Call. The app will call a standard dial code which diverts voicemails.
  3. If needed, you can reverse this by selecting Disable World Voicemail
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