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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find some frequently asked questions that you may find useful. Please contact support if your problem persists or have unanswered questions.



Voicemail Setup




Messages are kept for as long as you keep them on your device. At this time there is no expiry or automatic deletion of old messages or messages you have in your ‘Recently deleted’ folder.

It’s up to you to manage how long you keep them. In the future, we may introduce a time period where messages in the recently deleted folder are automatically deleted after a period of time.

Voicemails are stored in a cloud-hosted data centre that is fully encrypted and secure. This may be offshore based on storage requirements to manage the service.

In general, there is no limit, but practically every message does take up some space on your device, so it will use and is limited by your phone’s storage.

In general, there is no limit, but practically every message does take up some space on your device, so it will use and is limited by your phone’s storage.

If you have a message that you want to keep for the long-term, we suggest that you use the app’s ‘Share’ option for that specific voicemail and save or send it by any means available and convenient to you.

When you first delete a voicemail, it’s stored in the app’s ‘Recently deleted’ folder, accessible from Settings – you can recover the voicemail here. If you have deleted it twice, both from ‘My Voicemails’ and ‘Recently Deleted’, your voicemail cannot be recovered.

‘Transcription pending’ means that the voicemail’s audio has arrived on your device – so you can press play and listen – but its transcription wording is still in the process of being generated. It will arrive shortly.

Voicemail Setup

Setting up call forwarding can be tricky for some users as various mobile service providers around the world offer different setup methods. This said we try our best to help you activate the service.

Why do you need to enable ‘call forwarding’ to use the App?

When you call the dial code in the App, we are simply instructing your mobile service provider’s system to forward calls to our service under specific circumstances. Depending on your mobile service provider, these circumstances include cases where you don’t answer a call, are busy, decline a call, or are out of coverage.

Great. How can I correctly set up call forwarding so I can receive voicemail in the App?

We’re glad you asked. Before we continue to set up your correct dial code, let’s make sure your call forwarding is currently deactivated in the App:

  1. In World Voicemail, navigate to Settings > Manage call forwarding/Voicemail setup
  2. If you find a button (or multiple) to Call to Deactivate…, please proceed to Deactivate this setting by following the prompts and calling the presented call code.

Let’s try activating call forwarding again with your current configuration:

  1. In World Voicemail, navigate to Settings > Manage call forwarding/Voicemail setup
  2. Click Continue and Call to Activate…
  3. Proceed to Call the displayed number
  4. Please take careful note of whether this step was successful. 
  5. If you see a ‘successful‘ onscreen indication, your attempt to activate call diversion is successful.
  6. Please call yourself to test leaving a message. You may update your custom greeting as another test.

If the previous step didn’t work, let’s try another, hopefully correct, dial code method:

  1. In World Voicemail, navigate to Settings > Manage call forwarding/Voicemail setup
  2. You will see a Setup Call Forwarding screen.
  3. Select Configure on the screen’s top right corner.
  4. You will notice that your current setting is based on your recognised provider. 
  5. If the name in the Recognised Provider IS NOT your current mobile service provider, select the Custom option and select your country and service provider.
  6. If the name in the Recognised Provider IS your current mobile service provider, switch to the Univeral option.
  7. Click Done.
  8. You will return to the Setup Call Forwarding screen. Select Continue.
  9. Click the Call to Activate… button(s) and Call the number displayed.
  10. Call yourself to test leaving a message.

If these instructions work for you, congratulations, you have set up World Voicemail successfully as your primary voicemail interface.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact our support team and work to get you up and running. 

Not all Carriers or their prepaid plans support ‘Conditional Call Forwarding’ – a necessary step to send your voicemails to World Voicemail.

Return to the Activate screen by selecting ‘Back’ on the ‘Enter Activation Code’ screen, or close the app and reopen it. Enter your mobile phone number to request another SMS activation code. For security reasons, you can only request five SMS activation codes in an hour.

The activate screen will wait until the SMS activation code is entered unless you leave.  Re-enter your correct mobile phone number and activate again. You may uninstall then reinstall the app on your device and run through the install process again.

If you no longer want to use the World Voicemail app, either at the end of the trial or at any other time, you need to deactivate call forwarding to the app. Follow the steps below:

Go to Settings > Voicemail Setup > Deactivate call forwarding.

This will reset your voicemail to the previous voicemail solution. You can now cancel your World Voicemail subscription by opening your App Store’s or Google Play Store’s subscription management screen. Or via the World Voicemail’s app:

Settings > My Subscription > Manage subscription to cancel your subscription.

The voicemails you held in the app will remain there until the app is uninstalled. They will not be available on your previous voicemail solution. New callers leaving a message will now go to your voicemail box.


The app is available for the X-day free trial period so you can experience its benefits over the traditional dial-in voicemail access method. The prices below are in Australian Dollars. Prices may vary for your currency. Choose from:

  • Monthly plan at AUD5.99.
  • Annual plan at AUD49.99. This is the best value at effectively AUD4.17 per month.
  • The free 7-day trial period which will automatically continue to the annual $49.99 charge, unless you cancel before the end of the 7-day trial period.

Apple users will see a payment billed to ‘Apple…’

Android users will see a payment billed to ‘GOOGLE*NORWOODSYSTEMS…’

You are right, there are free apps that offer a similar service. In most cases though, they limit the number of free messages you can access or have transcriptions for before buying. Or, they have ads running that you have to dismiss or read before accessing your voicemail, and then suggest a premium app version that allows for more content or no ads.

World Voicemail is an enterprise-level app that is fully secure, providing full access with no ads or other content. The app also works natively in our network to manage how your callers are diverted to this service.

Contact us and advise this has happened. Although billing is managed by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we will help sort this for you.

The subscription you pay is for the full period and is not partially refundable. This is described as part of the information in the App Store and Google Play Store when you download an app.


To see your contact’s names and photos in the app, you need to give the app permission to access your contacts on your mobile. This enables the app to associate your contact information with the number calling.

To grant contact access to the World Voicemail app, find the World Voicemail app in your device’s system settings (the Settings app) and allow it to access contacts in permissions. Refer to the steps below:

For Android devices: 

Open the Settings app > Apps > T3LCO Voicemail > Permissions > Turn on contacts, microphone, telephone to enable all the app’s features.

For iOS devices: 

Open the Settings app > T3LCO Voicemail > Turn on contacts, microphone, speech and recognition to enable all the app’s features.

If you change devices, follow the steps below:

  1. The app will NOT download your current custom greeting and old voicemails to your new device, you’ll need to record a new custom greeting and save important voicemails from the ‘share’ feature.
  2. Delete World Voicemail from your old device.
  3. Install and activate the app on your new device.
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