Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find some frequently asked questions that you may find useful. Please contact support if your problem persists or have unanswered questions. Quicklinks: General Voicemail Setup Pricing Troubleshooting General How long are the messages kept? Messages are kept for as long as you keep them on your device. At this time … Continued

Customise your Preferences

World Voicemail has many useful features designed to give you more control and utility over your voicemail. Below is a list of key preferences. Click on any of them to skip to learn more about what they are and how they work. Email Forwarding General Settings / Options Spam Call Blocking & Identification Voicemail Player … Continued

VPN Locations

You can quickly switch between our various international VPN locations in the App. Just go to Settings > VPN Location. With Auto Select VPN turned on, the App automatically selects a VPN location that is closest to you. Alternatively, you can switch to any the other available VPN locations, including two USA locations; London, UK; … Continued


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Using World Secure

World Secure is beautiful in its simplicity and ease of use. There's one screen to control your level of protection. Just move the slider between settings and it's instantly set, keeping you protected as you like. Here's what the slider settings mean: Disabled: VPN security is off under all conditions Insecure Wi-Fi: VPN security will … Continued

Get Started

Download World Secure Get started by downloading the World Secure onto your iOS or Android device. Download for iOS Download for Android Activate World Secure Once downloaded, there are a few steps to start using the App. Provide your mobile number so we can send you a verification code to use the App. Accept all … Continued

World Secure

Welcome to the World Secure guide! If you want to learn more about using World Secure App, you've come to the right place. World Secure brings you automatic VPN security so you can surf the web safely from anywhere! This guide takes you through the install process and use of the App. Use the links … Continued

Using Multiple Numbers

One of World Message's unique features is the ability to have multiple phone numbers to use through the App. They can be local numbers (Virtual ID) or international numbers (World ID). Depending on availability, you can lease numbers from 70+ countries. Use them for business, projects, travel, or to advertise online! Get a Virtual ID … Continued

Using World Message

Chats The Chats menu shows you all your messages and open threads. You can easily differentiate between SMS and free App-to-App (World Message instant messages) in the chats menu. SMS chats are clearly tagged with a green SMS label. You can also see clear group chat indications in the menu with multiple visible avatars and … Continued


Have a question? Feel free to contact our support team.