Branded apps, familiar communications and member benefits combine to increase your member engagement, improve brand awareness, and build loyal behaviour.

Norwood provides a suite of apps that let your members make and receive high-quality calls and text messages globally, and find and seamlessly connect to over 40 million Wifi access points around the world.

By offering high quality, relevant and tiered loyalty benefits, we can help you differentiate your benefits portfolio and enhance the experiences you offer your customers.

Insights and Monetisation

In marketing, metrics are everything. All our solutions come with Insights capability built in. With a dedicated online administration layer, sophisticated reporting capabilities can let you track and act based on unique behavioural data.

For easy monetization, our apps in white-label mode are able to be preloaded and refreshed with credit to use for calling or access. Outside that credit, additional in-app purchases are available with full profit share offered.

Extend Customer Loyalty

Collect rich analytics