War for Talent

Telling staff to carry two phones is a sure way to lose the War for Talent. Your people want to win business – they expect efficiency, not bureaucracy


Recording all calls, including private ones, is never going to fly. It creates HR issues, potential liability and problems with privacy regulations. But how can you split private from business?

All smartphones, all networks

Apple or Android? From your employee’s personal iPhone to a company-owned phone in your overseas office, your recording needs to work on all of them, on any carrier, everywhere, all the time.


Two Apps to Talk and SMS, with its own business number.

World Phone
Talk with World Phone®
  • Use your second phone number(s) to make and receive crystal clear calls
  • Use a new business number, an existing number, or even a desk phone number
  • Visual voicemail with transcription changes the way you think of voicemail
SMS & IM with World Message
  • Send and receive SMS messages and instant messages with a business second phone number(s)
  • All business messages are recorded for regulatory compliance
  • Share rich media like photos, contacts and locations

For Company-Owned and BYOD

It’s not just for company-owned phones. SecondLine also deploys easily and securely on employee-owned phones too. Now your talent can use their favourite device, and you don’t have to maintain a fleet of company phones any more.

Only record what matters

SecondLine records all business activity and is fully separate from private smartphone use. We only record business calls so your staff’s private lives stay private, and so you’re not paying to record conversations about cats or last night’s dinner.

More control and security over your communications

Activate and deactivate employees instantly from the cloud console, for better security and control of your HR and operations. Use our encrypted cloud storage or live-export to your existing on-premises recording system.

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