Corona Cloud

Corona® Cloud

Welcome to your virtual corporate fleet.

Replace your expensive fleet with secure Apps on your team members’ personal mobiles. Manage it all easily online with Corona® Cloud.

How it works

The powerful Corona® Cloud platform is made up of three parts. The intuitive World Apps, the insightful Corona® Cloud Dashboard, and the revolutionary Corona® Network. Learn how they work to make corporate communications more cost effective, easy to manage, and regulation compliant.

The World Apps

Experience corporate communications in a brand new way. Equipping employees with the World Phone® and World Message Apps, add separate, business-owned phone numbers on existing devices.

The World Apps

World Phone®

Never let employees carry two phones again. World Phone® allows users to make and receive calls on a business-owned phone number. Built to be intuitive, and natural, World Phone® also comes with voicemail and high-quality international calling functionality. Learn more.

World Message

Most relevant to corporate users that engage in sensitive, industry regulated, communications, World Message brings complete SMS and instant messaging with message archival. World Message facilitates powerful and convenient day-to-day corporate communications.

The Corona® Cloud Dashboard

The control centre for your entire corporate fleet, the Corona® Cloud Dashboard allows administrators to manage users and business numbers, apply usage policies and generate reports.


Manage phones, people and charges the way you want with Corona® Cloud. Whether you’re onboarding a dozen new employees or moving people between teams, you’ll have it all done in a flash.

Corona Admin


Simple online limits and boundaries for individual users, groups, or your whole fleet makes it easy to control cost without compromising your team’s efficiency.

Fleet Control


Get the complete picture of your fleet activity with instant on-demand reporting on all dimensions of operations. Whether it’s just a dashboard glance or a data export for your other systems, Corona® Cloud has got you covered.

Mobile Fleet Reporting

2-Click CRM Integration

Sales conversations are made more effective with the Corona® Cloud and CRM integration. See how the real-time logging of all field force mobile communications into your CRM lets you achieve a new level of sales performance.

Connected Conversations, Informed Sales

Up to 60% of all sales interactions are done over mobile phone and text message, however, the disconnection between your CRM undermines its benefits and your effectiveness.

This simple and robust automation of CRM integration enables live 2-way logging of voice and text communications into your enterprise CRM. Sales managers can now remove every blind spot in their team’s sales performance. Enhance field force accountability, and empirically observe the performance of your sales conversations.
Apply this integration in only two clicks. Now available for Salesforce® with several more coming soon.

Watch this short video and learn how live CRM logging can eliminate blind spots in your sales team’s performance.

The Corona® Network

All users utilise the revolutionary Corona® Network, taking advantage of its robust, low-cost international and domestic calling services. Built around the needs of the corporate user, Corona® promises stable and reliable communications.

Low Cost, International Connectivity

Get the lowest possible rates on every high-quality international and domestic call. Corona® utilises award-winning, patented technology that routes every call through the shortest path in the international network, saving you up to 80% in calling costs.

High Definition and Reliable Voice

The Corona® network is engineered for high-quality and reliable calls so you don’t have to worry about call noise and dropouts. Receive only the quality and usability that robust operations need.

Corona Network


Built for enterprise, Corona® Cloud makes your corporate fleet management simple, fast and low-cost.

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