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Redefining OTT as an “Opportunity to Telcos”

Up to 30% of international calling traffic is being captured by OTT providers from your network.

There are numerous challenges growing for Telecommunication operators. Minimising churn from OTT, new customer acquisitions, branding and innovation, and network capacity off-load.

Norwood Systems, a pioneer in innovative telecommunication solutions, presents a game-changing partnership opportunity for operators to take on and solve these challenges head-on.

Providing your customers with a white-label OTT app can help you accomplish this. Get to the market fast and leverage our OTT expertise for a low investment and low-risk experience.


The Benefits to Operators

The benefits to Telecoms operators are:

  • Differentiation: The ‘coolness factor’ of introducing hot new Apps to your customers, as an alternative to other OTT apps.
  • Insight: Our insights engine can deliver vital information to help shape and inform the customer journey and service development.
  • New Revenue: Revenue share opportunity driven by OTT voice technology.
  • Branding: Deliver a premium-quality branded (white-labeled) mobility Solution.
  • Network Capacity Offload: Voice over Wi-Fi (OTT), enables better customer experience while reducing capacity requirements.


How will Telecom OTT deployment help my business?

There are four main ways Norwood Systems’s Telecom OTT can help boost your business.

  1. It’s a scalable, field-proven platform. Our current system already supports more than 4 million installed users. The system has also proven to support up to 150 thousand subscriber additions per day.
  2. An award-winning, popular app. Our apps and solutions have won national and international recognition. Our consumer app, World Phone has also been the most downloaded travel app in 109 countries, and top-grossing travel app in 122 countries.
  3. An attractive carrier business model. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model minimises upfront CAPEX and OPEX and preserves domestic traffic, keeping it on your network.
  4. A unique, federated platform supporting low-cost global roaming. Our federated architecture gives your customers access to low-cost global roaming.


The Solution Concept

What the app offers your customers:

  • Free calling and messaging between app users
  • In-app rental of local numbers in your market and globally as a value added feature.
  • Low-cost international calls to and from your markets, using your wholesale termination gateways.


If you want to learn more about how you can redefine OTT as an Opportunity to Telcos, please get in touch with our specialists. They’re happy to help.

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