How it works

How World Phone® works:

World Phone® uses VoIP for the “first hop” to let you bypass expensive international roaming rates when traveling. Crucially however, World Phone® then connects you straight into a nearby telephony point of presence, wherever you are travelling, minimising how far your call has to traverse the Internet. Our Internet-Path-Minimisation strategy delivers you, the end-user, much improved call quality and reliability versus regular VOIP services, at a much lower cost than when using cellular roaming.

Already supporting a global high-quality service footprint, our team is constantly adding high-quality telephony service providers around the world to broaden the choice and range of service provider networks that you can access through World Phone®.

How Corona Works:

With Corona, you can now have the best of both worlds – one voice service, constantly optimised for both cost and contactability – automatically giving you the benefit of lower cost, higher quality and more secure connectivity.

The benefits of Corona are manifold:

  • Enhanced employee-to-employee and client-to-employee contact-ability
  • A mobile App that puts your office phone in your employees personal Android or iPhone
  • Enhanced security
  • Enhanced quality of service
  • Significant savings on your organisation’s international roaming bills

What does it cost you to deploy Corona in your organisation?

First, we charge you nothing for the initial deployment, configuration and ongoing support of our service across an unlimited number of offices, which you can pilot at no charge for 30 days.

We only charge you for the ongoing use of the service, at the conclusion of your pilot. Our approach is to take our fee as a rough percentage of the savings we have realised for your organisation, so you will be seeing significant savings with each user subscribed to our Corona service.

Typically savings as high as 80% can be realised.

Key features of our core Corona service plan:

  • No up-front monthly fee per user
  • International roaming calls made and received when user is not in their home country: USD 0.45 per minute‡*
  • Save between 40% to 80% on your current voice roaming bills
  • This plan saves you between USD 50¢ to $4 per call minute when roaming.**


Terms and conditions apply.


* Local outbound PBX/Voice VPN billing charges may also apply where applicable, but they will generally be far lower than the comparable cellular roaming rate.
‡ USD 0.08 per minute roaming inside Europe (EEA) for EEA resident end users
** Based on our current understanding of the prevailing major carriers’ roaming rates as at February 28, 2014.