Crystal clear conversations go a long way.

Globalize your Unified Communications with Corona.

Seamlessly connect your team to our high quality Federated Telco Network for outstanding quality international and roaming calling. Brilliantly simple, it’s a revolution worth talking about.

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Superb App design.

Delight your colleagues with a stunning user experience.

You make the executive decision, yet your team will love the familiar interface and easy connectivity. Intuitive design equals high adoption rates. Secure certificated authentication all managed by Corona, and that means a seamless, effortless experience for your users.

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Work, roam and play.

Be smart with your Smartphone and avoid the high cost of roaming.

Forget mobile roaming calls or poor quality VoIP. World Phone supported by Corona, delivers a low-cost, high-quality alternative to your employees while they travel overseas.

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No lock-in contracts,
so you’re ready to takeoff.

A low risk enterprising way to leverage your existing investments in your corporate voice infrastructure.

No capital expense. No lock-in contracts. We are simply dedicated to delivering a great quality service so you’ll make us part of your everyday phone usage.

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Effortless installation and
simple to deploy.

Up and running in no time at all.

We have worked hard to make installation, management and control easy. With our new Corona Cloud console, you’ll find all the tools you need to administer your fleet of World Phone users.

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Swapping to a local SIM,
stay connected.

Use a local SIM without losing contactability.

Corona automatically detects new SIMs in your staff's handsets, heals your numbering plan by dynamically forwarding incoming calls to the new numbers. Corona with Work Phone is a revolution, worth talking about.

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