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Changing the way we globally connect.

At Norwood Systems, we’re passionate about revolutionising your telecommunications. To actualise this goal, we have developed amazing platforms that realise the world’s largest federated telco network. By connecting your smartphone effortlessly and simply to local networks around the world via our award-winning Apps, you get high quality connections, clear and secure conversations for a fraction of international roaming costs.


It started out as savvy new way to look at how you make calls for business. Developing the market-leading Corona service, Norwood created a new app – World Phone® –  giving businesses greater mobility and an 80% saving in cost per call against expensive roaming network models.

Yet we didn’t stop there. The clever World Phone® can also be used by a broad market of world travellers. Our innovative “switcher” function lets World Phone users switch between work and personal calling on the fly.

Norwood Systems was founded in 2011 to develop and deliver a range of the best possible global mobility products and roaming solutions for organisations of all sizes.

The company’s current cloud service offering is Corona. It’s the world’s most advanced international roaming solution giving corporates connectivity and access to their network leveraging off non-cellular platforms.

The beauty of Corona is that it seamlessly integrates mobile devices securely with the organisation’s existing voice assets. These assets are the PBXs and voice WAN links that make up its private voice cloud. This means high quality voice telephony at a fraction of roaming costs. You’re connected with your business from your mobile – no matter where you are.

Norwood Systems is working with a number of global partners, committed to participating in Norwood Systems’ rollout of the Corona service platform over the coming years. This is the beginning of the global connectivity revolution.

Company retrospective

Corona is based on award-winning technology developed by an earlier iteration of Norwood Systems during the early 2000s.

The earlier Norwood Systems successfully developed and deployed the world’s first ‘dual-mode’ enterprise mobility platform using Bluetooth/GSM cellular handsets. The Company won the first ever tender issued by a large telco for dual-mode converged enterprise voice services infrastructure.

Norwood Systems was ranked by Time Magazine as one of Europe’s hottest tech firms in 2001 and 2002. In 2003 its technology won the prestigious European IST Prize, awarded annually by Europe’s Academies of Science to the top 20 ground-breaking IT innovations in the European Economic Area. The Norwood Company

Award Winning Smarts

It became clear by 2010 that smartphones, powered by Apple and Google software, were becoming open enough to support the service architecture originally envisaged by the founding Norwood Systems’ team in mid-1999.

Consequently, we decided to take the million lines of code developed by the first Norwood Systems out of mothballs and re-start the company, using the Norwood Systems name once again to reflect the strong enterprise mobility heritage of the Company’s technology base and team.

The Company’s current market-leading solution, Corona, is the product of 24 months of additional intensive development targeting the number one telecommunications cost driver in large enterprises today, namely the escalating cost of international roaming.

Board of Directors

Paul Ostergaard_01zoom

Paul Ostergaard
CEO and Director

Paul is responsible for the company’s strategic direction. He plans the day-to-day running of the business, which he founded in 2011. A 25-year track record in technology and innovation, his vision is to create the world’s best private cloud communications platform. Servicing the increasing international mobile savvy workforces of the future.

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Amit P_01

Amit Pau

Mr Pau has over 20 years of experience in the technology, media and telecommunications industries.  Mr Pau has held previous corporate positions at Vodafone including as Managing Director for International Accounts and Business Markets in which role he was instrumental in creating strategic OEM partnerships with Dell, IBM, and HP.

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Giles _01

Giles Everist
Non Executive Director

Giles Everist joined the Board of Norwood Systems as a Non-Executive Director in November 2015. Mr Everist has extensive corporate and financing experience, having held executive finance roles at Coopers and Lybrand, Rio Tinto, Fluor Australia, and Monadelphous. Mr Everist has previously chaired ASX listed companies and brings outstanding corporate governance credentials and superb finance capabilities to the Board of Norwood.

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Mike Edwards_01

Michael Edwards
Non Executive Director

Mr Edwards is a Geologist and Economist with over 20 years’ experience in Senior Management in both the private and public sector. He has a Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) from Curtin University of Technology and a Bachelor of Science (Geology) from The University of Western Australia. He spent three years with Barclays Australia in their Corporate Finance department and then 8 years as an Exploration and Mine Geologist with companies such as Gold Mines of Australia, Eagle Mining and International Mineral Resources.

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John Morrison

A Chartered Accountant, John oversees all aspects of Norwood’s accounting and financial functions. John has been the Chief Financial Officer for our team here at Norwood since January 2016, working closely with the board to ensure the company meets its financial objectives. John has significant experience in statutory reporting and company management.

Prior to joining Norwood, John gained experience whilst working in the Perth office of an international accounting firm where he spent several years in their assurance and advisory division.


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Steven Wood
Company Secretary

Mr Wood has specialised in corporate advisory, company secretarial and financial management services professionally since 2011. Steven is a Chartered Accountant, and has been involved in various private and seed capital raisings as well as successful ASX listings, whilst also providing company secretarial and financial management services to both ASX and unlisted public and private companies.

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Leadership Profiles

Paul Ostergaard_01zoom

Paul Ostergaard
CEO & Co-founder

Paul is responsible for the company’s strategic direction. He plans the day-to-day running of the business, which he founded in 2011. A 25-year track record in technology and innovation, his vision is to create the world’s best private cloud communications platform. Servicing the increasing international mobile savvy workforces of the future.

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David Wilson_01

David Wilson
CTO & Co-founder

With more than 20 years of technology and telecommunications experience, both in software development and management, David is an IT generalist. His insightful approach to problem-solving and a long history of creating innovative solutions that satisfy businesses needs. As Chief Technical Officer, David defines Norwood Systems’ product strategy and steers the engineering team to deliver on vision.

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Mans Shapshak
Vice President Analytics

Mans and his team are always looking for ways to get even more data to validate and create clarity about dynamic business and market situations.  The only time he is not iterating Genetic Algorithm based populations of market experiments or cognitive computing and machine learning networks is when he is swimming or kayaking.

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Nick Horton_01

Nick Horton
General Manager Consumer & Vice President Marketing

Nick is directly responsible for the company’s Consumer segment and the overall supervision of brand and marketing strategy.

Nick has built and led international marketing, sales, and product management teams for global brands in the Telco and Smartphone segments, including FT/Orange, O2/Telefonica, Telecom New Zealand and BlackBerry. He has lived in worked in Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

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Steve Tot_01

Steve Tot
General Manager Enterprise & Vice President Sales

Steve is responsible for Norwood’s Enterprise Go to Market strategy, partner channels and overall sales execution.

Steve has 25 years of international telecoms experience spanning Australia, the UK and Silicon Valley in various roles including product marketing, pre-sales solution consulting, sales & account management, Partner & Alliance management to a senior leadership level.

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